Meet Your Pilates & Yoga Teachers

1love 1heart Retreats was founded by its principal teachers Nathalie Comas Zabala, Maiwen Langlois and Andrea Gatrill. Their passion for sharing their knowledge and traveling brought them together and continues to take them around the world. This grass roots company is very much focused on vitality, enrichment and love, working in partnership with like-minded companies. With the ever-growing success of the company you can expect to see more dates, stunning locations and more teachers added to our annual schedule! 


NATHALIE COMAS ZABALA - Principle and Founder

Management Team 1Love Spain

For Spanish and English speaking retreats lovingly crafted and taught by Co Founder Nathalie Comas Zabala please see details above

Nathalie invites you to deepen your awareness of the ‘here and now’ by cultivating in every action and moment. Her retreats offer a wide selection of activities from yoga, meditation, trekking and cookery classes.

Her worldwide retreats offered are hosted in either Spanish or English and each location will have a slightly different itinerary and emphasize a particular type of practice, so check with Nathalie before confirming your booking.

Nathalie embarked upon her Yoga journey after a traumatic loss in her life forced her to contemplate her lifestyle, bravely acknowledging this period of her life as an opportunity to direct her path towards a more purposeful existence. 

 Beginning her yoga journey in the “deep end,” Nathalie went to India, the birth place of Yoga, where she quickly recognized the sacredness of the practice as a profound instrument to connect honestly and intensely to the inner self, consequently guiding her to a more meaningful existence. Committing to many hours of Yoga Alliance approved teacher trainings in Mysore, India–– the birth place of Ashtanga–– and with a background of experience in many different lineages, Nathalie has gained a broad knowledge of Yoga as a whole system which benefits all.  

Her journey was then propelled to take her further with her passion for food where she discovered the power of integrating specialist nutrition with yogic practices. This led her to study Raw Food in Bali and allowing her to develop further her talents when she opened and managed a Raw Food Kitchen in Thailand. Nathalie is now currently studying Naturopathyand Alternative medicine at the University of Barcelona.

From Nathalie’s Yoga classes you can expect to find her innate ability to share her knowledge in a compassionate manner. Wherever you may be on your Yoga journey you will be challenged as well as cared for. As a natural nurturer and giver she will make you comfortable to explore your practice at your own pace... leaving you feeling calm, challenged, and somewhat whole again. 

See more about Nathalie at: @1love1heartretreats_spain

“Yoga for me is about awareness, inquire and acceptance. Discovering an honest connection to myself has allowed me to become a better and more conscious being on all levels of my life.”


Alexandra Garcia - Teacher of Spiritual Consciousness

I have always been very interested in topics related to the conscious and the subconscious, life and death. Dreams have been a great teacher since childhood for me.

You will work with me:

  • Breathing as an extension of life.

  • I work the internal massage of the organs through breathing.

  • I work the mind and the words, as each word is a spell in our daily life and how to take advantage of its power.

  • I develop a map of my own conscience that starts from my life experience. In it, universal principles are shed as the law of vibration, attraction and polarity and rhythm. I speak of quantum coherence, of behavioral epigenetics and of the Trinity in the universe and in us.

  • Reorganize and decontextualize concepts with respect to religion: god, spirit ... giving them their fair space in today's life.

  • I speak of desire as a need in today's society and of desire and ego as an addiction.

  • Body expression and observing the blockages of the mind with small bodily exercises.

    For more information about me, you can visit my website: and my Instagram: Daniela Blume

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MAIWENN LANGLOIS - Principle and Founder

Management Team 1 Love UK

Maiwenn Langlois has explored a passion for movement through many years of dance, yoga and thai boxing. Stumbling across pilates as a way to find relief from sporting injuring and daily back pain, she was astounded by the impact it had. From positively affecting her daily routine to results she could feel in the boxing ring, Maiwenn became inspired to share pilates with others.

Training with the renouned Body Control Pilates Institute London, Maiwenn obtained her REPS levels 4 Specialist Excercise Instructor and Basic Matwork Teacher certification. With continued registered development and regular sessions with senior teachers. numerous pilates workshops,  she continues to expand knowledge of the body and apply it to all aspects of her life.

Manual therapies also play a huge factor to Maiwenn's style of teaching a fully qualified VTCT Swedish and Thai Massage Therapist you will be assured of lots of tactile adjustments to deepen your practice. 

See more about Maiwenn at: @purespirit_pilates

"I am driven to fully understand and challenge the human body, apply this to all forms of exercise and thus deepen my own yoga practice. My passion is to get people healthy and to feel at peace with their bodies regardless of shape, size or natural ability. Every client is evaluated through programs built on the integrity of Joseph Pilates classical technique. Just as importantly, I love to be spread happiness to make people laugh and keep session fun and fresh!"

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ANDREA GATRILL - Principle and Founder

anagement Team 1 Love UK

Andrea Gatrill has been practicing yoga since 2009 ,was originally a hot yoga junkie on completing her 200hours Hot yoga Teacher Training in 2012 at 'Absolute Sanctuary Thailand’ she discovered Ashtanga Yoga and fell in love with this practice. She decided to deepen her studies travelling back to Thailand to practice with Authorised Teacher Olivier David who guided her onto the path of Ashtanga yoga. This is also were she met Maiwenn and Natalia co-hosts of oneloveoneheart retreats.

Andrea followed her heart travelling to Mysore in 2013 completing her 500hours Teacher Training, and studying under Shri Sheshadri; She now returns regulary to continue her studies and feels extremely fortunate and privileged to study with shri Sheshadri and BNS Iyenger.

Since relocating to Manchester and was assisting Level 2 Authorised Teacher Donna Southwell at the Life Centre North, she continued dedicating most of her time to teaching private clients out of her partners clinic City Rehab in Liverpool. 

While Teaching Yoga Andrea has continued to follow her learning path in areas connected to yoga and wellbeing becoming a juiceplus representative developing tailor made wellness programs for individuals and yoga clients; and is looking forward to co-hosting regular Oneloveoneheart pilates/yoga retreats in Europe and The UK.

Currently based in Formby Andrea teaches weekly classes out of Formby High School alongside private yoga tuition. Andrea loves working one on one creating a safe space for students to explore and deepen their own practice and considers it an honour to help them on their journey.

See more about Andrea at: @metalmonkeyyoga

“My aim is to help students be in their body and mind and nourish their bodies on and off the mat"

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PIP JOHNSON - Yoga Teacher


Pip was properly introduced to yoga during her training at Cambridge Performing Arts Theatre School to support her dance training and was instantly hooked on the relief it gave her both physically and emotionally. All the while though, yoga was a deep rooted love of hers, and had given her so much healing over the years. she went on to complete my 200 hour teacher training at CamYoga which utterly changed her life, and was offered teaching opportunities immediately.

"I pride myself on helping with "mind, body and soul". Above all, I love how much I am still learning and hold eternal gratitude for every student, every teacher and every practice."

See more about Pippa on instagram at @pip_johnson90

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SHA SHA CROW - Yoga teacher

Shasha is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Massage Practitioner. She weaves physical practice with meditation and mantra, to connect students deeply to body and spirit. By focusing on the physical detail as well as the subtle energetic architecture of the body, transformation is invited to occur in every moment of practice. She believes that sound vibration, when channelled through the body, could be one of the most healing modalities of all, and it is a power we all possess. 



Is a registered yoga teacher with SYM as well as a professional Shiatsu therapist and teacher. He is a qualified kinesiologist and the director of Holismos, a centre for complementary therapies in Poggibonsi, Tuscany, Italy. He also teaches Anatomy and Pyhsiology.
Massimo spent 12 years practising Shorinji Kempo but trained originally as a percussionist, playing for many years in various groups in the UK and in Italy. He speaks Italian and English.