Don't take our word for it... we are honoured to have had the opportunity in facilitating these beautiful experiences and can't wait to help create more! 


One or two times a year, I take a break in One Love Retreats. My body and my palate enjoy it. I love it!
— Macarena Gómez

What you learn in a weekend you can put in practice every day.
— Andrea Gutierri

The experience has been great, I feel renovated, in peace and eager to improve many things in my life to find inner peace. I would like to thank very much Nathalie and her team for their attention, I hope to return very soon.
— Marta Lozano

As a guy I was sceptic that yoga wouldn’t be challenging enough and I was wrong. I always looked at yoga as a way improving flexibility, stretching and strengthening your core but I wasn’t prepared for how challenging I found it, in a good way. For those reason I recommend my clients as a Personal Trainer to embrace yoga and reap the benefits by being able to train better with a reduced risk of injury. Try to include at least one session a week on top of your resistance training. Most guys like to deadlift or squat and yoga improves hip flexibility allowing you to perform these exercises with better form.
— Lefteris

What a fabulous experience! Total novice with Yoga & raw food diet, but without hesitation would recommend to all!! Thanks to all 3 of you & good luck for future ventures.
— Lisa Clayson

“A Gem of a course with truly exceptional training. Beautiful part of the world. Extremely knowledgeable but laid back and supportive teachers.”
— Claire Bland, Switzerland

“An amazing experience that I would warmly recommend. The location is peaceful and beautiful, there is plenty of healthy and tasty food and the accommodation friendly.

The teachers- Gerry, Iain and Anna are the best. 3 different styles, but each one really good. I am very happy for choosing this course, Yoga was serious, authentic. I learned a lot of things and I would come back for another course”.
— Isabela Cosa, Romania

Instruction is great; very good yoga and very good quality of instructors. You learn a lot of interesting and useful things for teaching yoga, as well as for your personal practice. And the food is delicious....

The location is also really good, a self contained Spanish village full of nice people and very close to the coast
— Francisco Calabuig, Afghanistan

My yoga teacher training with SYM was fantastic. The focus on alignment and a whole body approach ensures the course contents facilitate the learner with a safety conscious awareness when leading their own class.

Gerry, Anna and Ian ensured all lessons were detailed while providing individualised support where needed. Additionally they were supportive and encouraging at all times.

Thanks SYM for a great first step into becoming a yoga teacher.
— Alison Wisman, Scotland

I loved the location, the small Spanish village is just perfect for a retreat. I loved the quality of the teaching and the lessons we did at the beach! The food was just amazing.

I am not vegetarian however with the food provided I haven’t missed anything at all. I am going back next month to volunteer, I simply fell in love with this experience!
— Gianpietro Zanetti, Columbia

My study with SYM was more than a training course!

I had the chance to study with Gerry, Anna and Iian, all lifelong learners, highly qualified, passionate, compassionate and inspiring teachers.

Over these three intense weeks, I learned a lot about myself, my limitations as well as my body’s endless resources necessary skills to ensure my classes will be well organised, paced in accordance with my students, how to make sure my classes will be interesting and safe how to include chanting and meditation in my daily practice and teaching the founding elements of Yoga philosophy and yoga psychology

SYM YTT team made sure we had perfect accommodation, all logistics aspects covered as necessary, healthy meals in a warm and beautiful environment.
Classes were perfectly paced, giving us free time after long days of study and practice.

Today, I feel profound joy and balance in my daily practice and teaching.
— Cecile Lapiere, Belgium

Great people, great yoga, great food - overall an amazing journey with amazing people!
— Sneha Rad, New York, USA

I attended the course a couple of years ago. It’s in a great place. The food cooked by Ela was fantastic. I met some incredible people. I found that Gerry’s profound understanding of shiatsu gives him a unique and fascinating take on many aspects of yoga teaching and practice. A great course which I highly recommend.
— Iain Loban, Murcia, Spain

I’m so blessed to have taken my 200hour yoga teacher training in Cervera Del Maestre with Gerry as the head instructor. Just over 3 weeks of training I found myself very centred and inspired I would do this training all over again with no hesitation. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to teach yoga and immerse themselves in the Spanish culture! It’s incredible and an experience I’ll never forget.
— Cory Dillingham, Colorado, USA

The 200 hour teacher training in Spain was satisfying and fulfilling in every single way. It was exactly what I was looking for. The teachers explain in detail how to get safely in and out of each pose and what the correct alignment should be like…. And all that in a very relaxed and easy going atmosphere. Not to mention the food: I have never eaten such healthy, quality food in my entire life.

An experience never to forget!
— Griet, Belgium

Gerry’s unique esoteric knowledge ties Indian philosophy to the Western traditions, making the theory very interesting and relevant to our own ancient culture. The deep understanding of the chakras and prana taught opened up a different dialogue for me allowing for a truly profound experience. The asana practise was challenging, therapeutic and energising, and i took away a wealth of knowledge to improve my practise and help others with. The food, people and location were all wonderful and i highly recommend this course for all those ready to embark on their yoga journey.
— Ana, London, UK