I turned to yoga in search of deep peace, It wasn´t because i was naturally peaceful , it was because I desperately craved freedom from the bondage of inner turmoil. I carried the wounds of trauma and although it may not have been obvious from the outside looking in, those unprocessed experiences created deep fissures in my heart. The practice and really the spiritual path healed me. It can heal you too.

The yoga promise is Peace and it´s also a promise of a freedom , that you break out of the suffering in your mind and reclaim your beauty and your joy. While the poses can sometimes be challenging , it´s your job to meet the challenge with all your heart and let it transfer you. Don ´t expect it to be easy. Like any trek to high peak, expect there to be struggles and that facing and ultimately overcoming those obstacles on the path will make your stronger . it doesn´t matter what shapes you make with your body . It matters that you take the lessons of the practice into your life. A heart filed with peace , free from the bonds of scarred and wounded past, is a heart capable of making the world a better place, your beauty is the light that shines from within and is expressed in all the actions of your life .

Let your practice mean something beyond the pose, Bring the learning home to the world , be consistent and persistent in applying the deep lessons of the spiritual path , in every breath on the mat and most important , in the every moment of your life.

From April to November Nathalie resides in Barcelona.

Between December and March Nathalie works in Thailand and spends time in India with her guru/yoga teacher.

She spends 3 months in Thailand teaching in a school and she also runs her own yoga retreats there.

When she is in Barcelona, Nathalie teaches private yoga classes, runs healthy cooking workshops and teacher Trainings.

Nathalie Is a professional Yoga Teacher, 1500 hour level, having studied in Mysore and Kerala, India for 9 years and with other important teachers around the world , She went on to teaching Yoga full time, working on Teacher training courses and retreats in Thailand, Indonesia and Spain. She is also an experienced vegetarian chef and has been studying Ayurveda and Naturopathy for several years. She runs her own retreats as well as working in colaboration on many 200 hour level Teacher Training courses in Spain and Thailand

Nathalie originally studied hotel management and worked for many years in the luxury hotel business in various locations worldwide before dedicating her life to Yoga. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

If you are interested to learn more; please contact Nathalie for details of her availability so that she can make arrangements with you.



We believe that the integration of Yoga practices with a well balanced diet is essential for you to get the most out of your journey.

Nathalie and her kitchen team have vast knowledge and experience with vegetarian, vegan, and rawvegan cuisine. Through her personal journey, Nathalie has discovered that nutrition is unique to everyone and understands the importance of finding what works for people on an individual basis.

“We are all unique in our genetic makeup and what works for one person may not be good for another. We have to consider a lot when changing our diet, and I believe our intuition is a very good indicator of what is right for you. Our Yoga practices teaches us to listen more to ourselves, and a clean diet allows the messages within it to be felt more clearly, so they work hand in hand.  Slow integration of a new diet and correct replacement of vitamins, proteins, and minerals to support the digestive system and the body as a whole, is integral for anyone thinking of making a change to their diet.  The body needs time to assimilate new foods and, therefore, drastic changes are never the solution. We aim to offer an introduction to vegetarian and vegan foods.


When I teach I let go as much as possible so I may be an open channel for creative energy to pass through. Every student is everyone's teacher so I plug my heart into everyone and do my best to translate the teachings which present themselves in the moment. I believe it’s not all up to me. Like any recipe, there must be just the right amount of all the ingredients to produce epic flavor. When I teach I mix my given ingredients well with all other unpredictable and delicious ingredients to co-create with the playful universe . I never know what is going to happen. And if I attempt to know too much, something is lost . Much fear has brought me to where I am, so I encourage all sides of everyone to be welcomed, honored and faced. For fears, if faced, are like really good manure for the soul. I am SO grateful to all my teachers

“Yoga for me is about awareness, inquire and acceptance.  Discovering an honest connection to myself has allowed me to become a better and more conscious being on all levels of my life.  This journey has led me to my truest potential and it continues to unfold.

 The teachings of yoga are tools to guide us on our unique journeys and I see it as imperative that we become our own teachers as honestly as we can.  Self-inquiry is of most importance and the practices of yoga aid the depth of our ability to endlessly question ourselves with compassion, acceptance, and without judgment or attachment to the answers we find.   Yoga, for me, has become the art of observation, a method to release us from the madness of the mind.  In my teachings, on and off the mat, I encourage students to dwell in the position of the observer and enter into the space of their own hearts so they may find the answers to their life’s questions.   As one of my teachers said, “The practice is in the awareness, not in the asana!” If we are aware of this we can develop the practice of curiosity to intimately explore ourselves and question with humility the meaning of the life we have been given this time around, so we can embody our highest potential. I hope that, by sharing my beliefs, I can guide people to a place of love so they feel complete and smile with joy from within.”