Milan Italy end of October 26 to 28



                                                  LOVE IN EVERY DIRECTION - FREEDOM OF THE MIND  Workshop weekend


                                                                         truth- devotion-freedom Workshop


Naturally we tend to accept certain aspects of our practice/body/circumstances, while rejecting others. But, avoidance of any facet of life’s expression creates within us a dormancy, a void, which can manifest as fear or judgement in our lives and in our relationships. What would happen if we could love and respect every aspect of ourselves and of life’s dynamic unfolding? How could this change our entire life’s experience? In this dynamic practice, we will curiously inspect what this means, and how we can implement the practice of love toward every detail of this human experience.


The pieces of your life are like a puzzle being laid down one at a time .Don´t rush it , let it take the time it takes. Every experience , every trial, every failure, every success, every high and avery low-

They are all vital components of the grand picture and peace or art  of your life. Maybe not now , but maybe in ten or twenty years when you look back and see the larger perspective you´ll see the whole picture  and understand what is all about. There  is no need to try and force the pieces  that don´t fit together. Maybe they belong to another puzzle and in other for you to finish your puzzle you need to let them go . There is no need to harry and finish in a mad dash for some artificial finish line , because this all about your process. It´s just about you being you, taking one steep at the time on the journey of life, learning the lessons that make you who you are , in exactly the time that you need. 

I had some  hard lessons this year and i´m not sure where all the pieces are going to fall, but i can start to see the outlines of the story the pieces are starting to tell , i know it´about forgiveness , it´s about faith , it´s about never giving up and like I always say, it´s about LOVE, it always really is. 


Each class we will playfully adventure through a super creative and expansive sequence. All practices focus on rich breath awareness, intelligent alignment and core strengthening creative sequencing. 

You will learn how to intelligently align your body so as to be able to play the edges even more and find ease in the beautiful architecture we create with our bodies.

Every moment is a symphony conducted by pure genius. 

We will  implement the practice of love toward every detail of this human experience.

clear vision; aligning with your highest desires. Intelligent , feminine, creative sweet flow , for all levels.



 I will  guide you true some delicious  deep meditations, where we will work on the inner emocional wold , individualy and sharing on  the understanding of love, the freedom of the mind , on letting go and the importance of being in the present.  Learning how to listening to our inner voice.  

Knowing this we can develop a curiosity practice to explore our interior and humbly question the meaning of life and  being  able to embody our superior potential. I hope that by sharing my convictions I can guide people to a place of love so that they feel full and can smile with joy from within.

Come prepared to sweat, play  and melt.

During the day we will enjoy aswell chantings with instruments in every class and a workshop on Ayurveda introduction.